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How to use these lessons ?

The lessons are divided into five books, one with all the fundamentals needed throughout the year and one for every season: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Ideally one should choose a project and complete all the lessons included in it. This would enable one’s students to look at a subject in depth and allow time to develop a good reflective process. Yet, we understand the nature of teaching and we know that there will be times when a teacher will prefer to only use one or two lessons within a specific project. Or there might be occasions when a teacher will want to do a project or lesson from one book during a different season, that is perfectly ok too. The book on fundamentals includes how to create a notebook, how to create painting tools, as well as awareness and warm-up exercises that can come in handy at any time of the year. We would strongly recommend using these lessons at least once. We want all these projects and lessons to be used. Please feel free to do whatever best suits you and your class. The design of the books will allow you to print them either separately or in its entirety for you to create your own book. This can be yet another project to do with your class, should you choose to.

Who are these books for ?

These books are primarily meant for school teachers; however, we would like to encourage anyone with an interest in art and education to use them in other contexts. Artists, parents, people who run workshops, art institutions, etc. We organised the content in such a way that allows for flexibility. Most lessons are suitable for a diverse range of ages, from 1st class to 6th class. There are projects of short duration (1 or 2 lessons) and longer projects (6 to 8 lessons). Feel free to use the lessons as inspiration to create your own.