Book 1 - Introduction and Fundamentals
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Slide Introduction & Our Team
This book grew out of the experience of observing teachers, students and artists interacting together in many different
environments. We, Karla Sánchez and Els Dietvorst were part of the first Living Arts Project initiative run by Wexford Arts Centre and Wexford County Council. A project that aims to provide children with an understanding and appreciation of contemporary visual art by placing an artist in residence for fifteen weeks at schools...
Slide Introduction:
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How to use these lessons?
Who are these books for?
Slide Introduction: References, Resources and Further Reading

Slide Foundations: Awareness Exercises
Knowledge is equal to the body, emotions and social connections. Some of these are games I developed myself, while others come from the Arsenal of the Theatre of the Oppressed. They
start with the idea that the human being is an indivisible whole: ideas, emotions and sensations are all permanently interwoven.
There are warm-up exercises to get the energy up, there are some designed to ...
9 exercises, 10-15minutes each
Slide Foundations: Gymnastics for the Brain
These exercises connect both hemispheres and help prepare mind and body to learn. They also stimulate creativity. 5 exercises, 1 – 5 minutes each
Slide Foundations: Making a notebook and learning how to keep one

Project Aim: to create a notebook, to understand and encourage the practice of keeping a notebook. 1 lesson, 90 mins
Suitable for 1st to 6th classes.
Slide Foundations: Drawing Tools

Project aim: to learn about materials and mark making. Children will be challenged
to create their own original drawing tool, using a range of natural and discarded materials. Students will be reminded of the creative possibilities in making their
own tools, rather than buying drawing tools and contributing to consumption of plastics etc. Children will then ...
Suitable for all class levels. 2 lessons, 60 mins each
Slide Foundations: The Circle Exercise

This is a short, energetic, drawing exercise using charcoal. It is intended to foster confidence, dexterity and fun. It creates trust in the creative process and in the child’s individual approach to a simple creative task. The circle is an instinctive and easily drawn shape which encourages fluidity and, through repetition, overcomes drawing ... 1 class, 60 minutes
Suitable for all class levels.