With thanks to Principal Ciara Yates and Class Teacher Rosaleen Duke

Deirdre Meehan-Buttimer (Lead Artist)
Nadia Corridan (Assistant Artist)
With thanks to Principal John Halford and Class Teachers Pat Kinsella and Catriona Kinsella

Mary Claire Kehoe (Lead Artist)
Deirdre Travers (Assistant Artist)
With thanks to Principal Enda Morris and Class Teachers Therese Finan and Katarina Flynn

Kate Murphy (Lead Artist)
Rachel Rothwell (Assistant Artist)
With thanks to Class Teachers Ann Brazil and Páidi Kehoe

Caoimhe Dunn (Lead Artist)
Aoife Banville (Assistant Artist)
St. Mary's N.S.
St Mary’s N.S. Living Arts residency explored the relationship between nature and art, making the connection between imaginative life and the real world. We incorporated the childrens’ personal experiences / expressions of nature from their own localities i.e. farming, gardens, town green spaces, schoolground; a mix of urban and rural backgrounds. These were explored through creating print/mark making backgrounds using flora e.g. grasses, twigs, leaves, and everyday objects with textured surfaces. Fauna such as foxes, squirrels, insects, birds were created on foam pieces, used as printing plates, or ‘cut out’ shapes.
parallax background
3rd and 4th class

parallax background
INKS ON FABRIC, 21 x 29.7cm

parallax background
Through these sessions we explored the joy of ‘interpreting’ vs ‘copying’, abstraction and realism, bringing background and foreground together, perspective, movement, and context, utilising Visual Thinking Strategies to ensure meaningful engagement. We narrated via print/mark making, with inks and everyday objects, on a range of paper, textile and plastic surfaces. Our final pieces were abstract landscapes made from printing inks on farm seed/rubble sacks, incorporating stitching and couching wildflowers and grasses into the compositions.
parallax background
5th and 6th class

parallax background
INKS ON FABRIC, 21 x 29.7cm

Deirdre Meehan-Buttimer

Lead Artist

Deirdre Meehan-Buttimer spent 30 years working in financial services before beginning her formal visual arts training in Selskar College, Wexford. Following this, she returned to work intermittently, extending her 4 year honours degree timeframe, and graduated from IT Carlow Wexford School of Art & Design in 2016 with 1st Class Honours. Deirdre successfully transitioned from college and has built a strong participatory arts practice.

Amongst other projects, Deirdre was lead artist on the Living Arts Project last year in Donard National School. In 2019, she was also awarded a Creative Communities Award by Wexford County Council to undertake a project with Wexford Women’s Refuge exploring Coercive Control.

Deirdre’s practice is experimental in nature, driven by an intuitive and curious approach. Her processes are often indexical with a strong photographic/drawing element. She uses non-standard surfaces and everyday objects as ‘mark making’ tools with mixed media.

Nadia Corridan

Assistant Artist

Nadia Corridan has a BA Honours from Limerick School of Art & Design. Based in Ballindaggin, County Wexford, she teaches children's art at the Presentation Centre, Enniscorthy. Her work can be seen in The Civic Theatre, Dublin; The Boathouse Gallery, Kinsale; The Gallery - Bell Heather and The Wilds Cafe, Enniscorthy and online her website and social media. In addition, her work is currently on view in the Ulster Museum, Belfast until January 2021.

The majority of Nadia's work is figurative with a particular focus on hands. She is repeatedly drawn to the intimate nature that hands can reveal as a subject matter, observing human interactions in both public and private moments. An unspoken dialogue.

The intent of her compositions is carefully considered. Pared back scenes of unknown figures purposely concealed and mostly free from landscape are frozen in cropped compositions. There is a sense of fragmented time occurring, and she aims for the empty canvas to say more than the paint application itself and to push against the traditional idea of a finished painting. It is the artist's intention for her work to probe, evoke and conjure up faded memoirs and gaps of uncertainty, allowing room for the viewer to fill in new narratives and reflect of ones own personal memories.