With thanks to Principal Ciara Yates and Class Teacher Rosaleen Duke

Deirdre Meehan-Buttimer (Lead Artist)
Nadia Corridan (Assistant Artist)
With thanks to Principal John Halford and Class Teachers Pat Kinsella and Catriona Kinsella

Mary Claire Kehoe (Lead Artist)
Deirdre Travers (Assistant Artist)
With thanks to Principal Enda Morris and Class Teachers Therese Finan and Katarina Flynn

Kate Murphy (Lead Artist)
Rachel Rothwell (Assistant Artist)
With thanks to Class Teachers Ann Brazil and Páidi Kehoe

Caoimhe Dunn (Lead Artist)
Aoife Banville (Assistant Artist)
Bunscoil Rís
New Ross
Over eight weeks 6th class students of Bunscoil Rís explored different techniques and materials from areas that Artist Caoimhe Dunn utilises in her work in Street Arts and Spectacle, while also looking at areas that crossed over with Artist Assistant Aoife Banville’s photography and installation work.

Creating Ink and tempera drawings, students made their own red ochre tempera paint and explored different mark making techniques – discussing early prehistoric art and exploring signs and symbols, and their meanings.

Looking at objects found in nature they created plaster plaques, sometimes creating abstract images, sometimes bringing objects such as shells and found objects together to build an image.
parallax background
Shadow Puppetry
Paudi Kehoe’s Class
Ann Brazil’s Class
Pinhole Cameras
Ink and Tempera Paint - Ann Brazil's Class

Ink and Tempera Paint - Paudie Kehoe's Class

Over two weeks they then worked collaboratively, creating giant stick-person puppets, which they then worked in groups together to perform and animate. They used Willow to build their puppet bodies, something they used to create their own unique willow lanterns as well.

Through shadow play they explored light and dark, texture and motion as well as looking at storytelling, mood and narrative. With Artist Assistant Aoife Banville, the students then took it one step further, creating their own pin hole camera viewers, discussing and exploring how photography works.
parallax background
Stick Puppets
Plaster - Ann Brazil's Class

Plaster - Paudie Kehoe's Class

Willow Lanterns
Paudi Kehoe’s Class
Ann Brazil’s Class

Caoimhe Dunn

Lead Artist

Caoimhe Dunn is a freelance artist, model-maker, puppeteer, puppet maker, mask maker and youth arts facilitator. A Wexford based artist and an IADT graduate of both Fine Art and Model-Making, she her began her career in Street Arts & Spectacle with Buí Bolg as a puppet and prop maker, performer, and as their community and youth arts facilitator. Recent work includes facilitating the Street Spectacle Project 2019 and 2020 for Kerry Arts Office, creating costumes and props with schools and community groups for Tralee’s St Patrick’s Day parade and Killorglin’s Biddy’s Day Festival.

She has worked as a prop maker for the Wexford Festival Opera from 2014 to 2020 and has created masks for performance as well as exhibition. She has created pieces for several productions by Dublin Lyric Players as well as creating masks for the National Library's Yeats Exhibition.

Caoimhe has facilitated workshops, nationally and internationally, in a variety of areas related to Street Arts & Spectacle, such as carnival puppet making at NYCI'S Summer School in both 2011, 2013 & 2016, giant prop making for Seachange Arts, Great Yarmouth UK in 2012, and various workshops for local schools in Wexford and Waterford.

Aoife Banville

Assistant Artist

Aoife Banville is visual artist based in Wexford, and the main focus for her work is exploring light. From a background in photography to working on aerial sculptures and bespoke chandeliers, she is interested in the poetic emotions of light and the positive feelings that it can evoke. Specialising in site-specific installations, she explores the juxtaposition of objects in outdoor or historic settings. In her work, commonplace objects and materials are used in multiples and repeatedly to create immersive and sensory environments as she is primarily interested in calling attention to the aesthetics of light and space.