2020 exhibition

The aim of Living Arts Project is to provide children with an understanding and appreciation of contemporary visual art.

With thanks to Principal Aine Kennedy and Teachers Carmel Wallace and Pat Wickham

David Begley (Lead Artist)
Hanneke van Ryswyk (Assistant Artist)

With thanks to Principal Raymond Swan and Teachers Elizabeth Nolan and Brian Quigley

John Busher (Lead Artist)
Sonya Weston (Assistant Artist)

With thanks to Principal and Teacher Sinead Parnell and Teacher Kevin Fitzpatrick

Deirdre Meehan-Buttimer (Lead Artist)
Jeni Roddy (Assistant Artist)

With thanks to Principal / Teacher Maeve Duff and Deputy Principal / Teacher Danielle O’Neill

Mary Claire Kehoe (Lead Artist)
Anne Martin Walsh (Assistant Artist)

Danescastle National School

This seven-week project explored the sea through drawing, printmaking, and painting.
The pupils went on a field trip to Cullenstown beach and learned about cloud formations, tides, seaweeds and rock types, and how sand is formed.
Lead Artist David Begley
Assistant Artist Hanneke van Ryswyk

Through observational and imaginative drawing, children explored seashells and invented sea monsters …

In print, they investigated erosion, sea pollution and climate change …

… and in painting, learned about colour mixing, and made portraits of the teachers as mermaids and fishermen.


Themes of climate change/emergency provided the stimulus for a large part of the work undertaken at Gorey Educate Together.
Responding to global warming and rising sea levels, children investigated notions of lost cities both real and imagined.
Lead Artist John Busher
Assistant Artist Sonya Weston

Redesigning the urban landscape using biodegradable polymer clay, pupils worked collaboratively in planning and constructing an underwater metropolis …

Other environmental themes were realised as a group textile piece …

Fossil casting, environmental manifesto projections and printmaking processes such as monotype, relief and collagraph methods were also explored. …


The fifteen week residency in St. Joseph’s National School (Donard) focused on biodiversity and the history of the locality and its residents.
Utilizing the school’s picturesque setting, the children explored the impact and significance of farming and nature, incorporating local stories and histories.
Lead Artist Deidre Buttimer
Assistant Artist Jeni Roddy

Through print and mark-making with inks and everyday objects, the children explored the joy of ‘interpreting’ as opposed to ‘copying’. . .

. . . abstraction and realism, perspective, movement, and storyboarding.

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. . . and audio recordings.

‘Stories from our Backyard’

As the sessions progressed, 3D construction was explored leading to works created in the landscape that were inspired by local stories from the 1930s.


Primarily a printmaker, artist Mary Claire Kehoe explored a variety of media during her time in Kiltealy National School.
Working with both junior and senior class groups, she was interested in investigating memory, experience, and narrative.
Lead Artist Mary Claire Kehoe
Assistant Artist Anne Martin Walsh

As a starting point, the children worked collaboratively on abstract pieces, learning from each other and exploring a different way of thinking. . . .

These abstract works developed organically into scenes set for curious characters including jockeys, bats, pirates and pilots.

The project encompassed mark-making, drawing, painting, printing, clay, construction, plaster, puppetry, writing and acting.

The children explored a range of materials and processes in an encouraging environment, helping to facilitate creative self-expression and communication.